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10 Question Research Plan

For part of your research plan, you will need to select a rough and preliminary hypothesis for your research paper. A hypothesis is more than simply a title or a preamble, but a specific prediction that you make for your research paper, in which the paper tries to prove. As an example, if you are working with the subject of social security, one such hypothesis would be that lower income families could cut costs under Social Security reforms, including retirement accounts.

When it comes to you forming and refining your hypothesis, bear in mind that you will need to search for evidence that supports and goes against your hypothesis for the class. In keeping with this, do not select a hypothesis which is one-sided, as this will make the argument harder to make from both sides. Choose a hypothesis that naturally brings debate.

What is a topic of interest for you? My area of interest for my paper with my hypothesis is the issue of controversial television shows.
What is the hypothesis that you will be making as the foundation of your assignment? The hypothesis i plan to make is Are the new FCC laws in place making controversial television programs less common, and putting them under threat?
How does your hypothesis relate to the community at large? FCC currently has tight censorship regulations, which are controversial because they restrict creative freedom, which affects the viewing population, the media, and writers.
What type of research is giving you the grounds for your research and argument? My plan is to research older television programs from the 1980's, 70's and 60's to understand what made them controversial at the time, and would stop them from airing today.
What are some higher and authoritative sources for your research? Primary evidence is always authoritative, and so i will make surveys and interviews for individuals who have watched the controversial programs to give differences.
What kind of sources and media will you plan to review for your paper? Researching through old magazines and newspapers will be important, as will books and the internet.
How will you get to the sources you need? By researching at my local library, and through the various encyclopedias and journals online.
What conduct and procedures will you use to research? My main procedure is to visit the library every day, make formal interviews with individuals who have watched the TV programs concerned, and find out more online in general.
What qualifications and abilities do you have to help do the project? I have a deep enjoyment for research, i am skilled at reading, writing and discussing, and i am good with journalism and uncovering the truth.
What setbacks and difficulties do you expect for the research, discussion, and proof of your hypothesis? I am confident that i will not come up against too many problems with my research, however, one problem is that i will not find enough sources to support my hypothesis.

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