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Admission Appeal

I would like to extend my gratitude for your decision to give me another opportunity to study at the University of California. This university is my first choice above the other selections, because of your unparalleled culture for learning, motivation and development, and for the quality of your foundation programs. I believe that i have the correct attitude to learning to be a member of the student body at the University of California. I am an eager learner of my subject, and when i am not learning and revising the course material i am frequently reading up on the latest news, blogs and extended learning material. I am a subscriber of Scientific American, and i am always absorbing new research and findings not only in the physical sciences, but in Biology, Chemistry, and many of the interdisciplinary subjects in-between. I am completely aware of the prestige of UC, and the expectations that the University has on all of its member students, and i would be excited to apply myself, contribute academically, and represent the University and my course. In my past college experience, non controllable circumstances required me to make choices between my personal development, and the responsibilities i held and hold for my family. Said circumstances have caused me not to achieve as high as i would have liked, but this has not changed any of my passion for science and for physics. Given that my personal problems are now behind me i feel reinvigorated and able to achieve most highly once again. It is not only the subject material that will progress me, but the foundations of scientific thought and reasoning, problem solving ability, critical thinking, data interpretation and analytical study, among other things prevalent in the physical sciences that will help me to progress.

Unfortunately, my previous academic achievements are not an accurate account to my future performance at UC. My high school grades were exemplary, and my homelessness after my graduation did not affect me too much. My computing skills which developed over school provided me employment as a software and database developer with well known and respected companies, such as HP, Genentech, and LucasArts. During my employment at the City of Hope Medical Center, i worked alongside scientific researcher at many stages. The work also gave me good experience in managing human resources, enhanced my technical skills, and gave me exposure to scientific methodology, which drove my passion to become a scientist.

After my personal difficulties, my primary objective was to obtain a college degree to give me the necessary skills to become involved with research. My determination was very high, and this is proven by my leaving an excellent profession in order to pursue physics and to explore the many associated subjects. I currently have a 3.2 GPA which i believe is very positive given that i have been away from study for almost a decade. As i previously stated, my final two years at college where plagued with family troubles. My mother became wheelchair dependent due to complications arising from her diabetes, and she became in need of round the clock care. My brother and sister-in-law were tragically involved in a car crash which left them both in hospital for months, which ended up being fatal for my sister-in-law. One of my sisters contracted terminal Messothelioma, and another sister contracted cervical cancer, though thankfully she is now recovering well. I had my own personal problems also, as an attendant of my mother filled an unjustifiable lawsuit against me.

All of these events had a dramatic impact upon my emotional stability and my free time to work for myself. I felt responsible to ensure that the last years of my mother's life were as comfortable as possible, given that after her complications occurred she could not care for herself. This meant putting all other aspects of my life on hold, as i used the vast majority of my free time to schedule her care and personally care for her. While this impeded my own personal progression, i certainly have no regrets over caring for her. My mother passed away recently, but my sister is expected to make a full recovery. I should also mention that care for my sister during her recovery was needed, and i helped care for her children while her husband was absent.

I believe that the four close deaths that have been highlighted, alongside their practical and emotional consequences give me good grounds for defending my past academic performance, and that these will not bear resemblance to my performance at UC. All requirements for the major have been accomplished, and this summer i was awarded a scholarship for and international Chinese course at the University of Taipei in Taiwan. I have also been involved with solid state research, at a Taiwan firm which researches solid state devices. Given my family troubles, i have still been able to complete course work, and work with a 3.4 GPA during the summer. I plan on achieving a GPA of 4.0 this semester. It is worth mentioning that i know 3 other languages fluently; Spanish, French and Japanese, and i am quickly grasping Mandarin.

I have conducted this appeal because i am now at the point where my family problems are behind me, and i am once again able to apply myself to the best of my ability. I am excited to have the opportunity to contribute to research at UC. I cannot deny the hiccups in some of my past performance, but my passion for physics has never waned. The subject has always been the focal point of my existence, and my love for the subject has only ever grown. I urge you to consider me to become part of your prestigious university, and i know with complete certainty that i can make the University of California proud of my future work and achievements.