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Application Essay

With plenty of technical background and international experience in the fields of finance of accounting, i am impassioned to follow these two subjects for my future career. When i chose my college to attend, i did so with a though of my future career plans. Given my considerations, i am applying to be transferred to New York University, because this University is world class, and is situated in one of the most diverse and vibrant political and economical centers of the world, and this is a place which will no doubt help me to make the best contribution to my profession, helping many future doorways to open for me. Not only that, but the city on the whole is mesmerizing, and a completely absorbing and exciting place to live.

The major reason for choosing NYU is that i think the quality in teaching of the Stern Business School's educational program is without parallel. Quality of teaching is now one of the most important things in education, in an age where almost any piece of information is instantly accessible, and as such, i believe Stern will provide the best courses, and will extend my current knowledge of accounting gained at college into the stratosphere. I will be excited also to enroll with financial courses, and i believe that these courses will also be excellent as Stern ranks among the top financial business schools in the US. I think i will do very well in this area, due to me winning two international stock investment contests, and in obtaining experience in private asset management with colleagues previously. My success with finance and accounting was the reason why i switched from IT and Engineering, and this was first noticed upon my excellent academic performance at my community college. On the basis of my excellent marks, i think it is now the perfect time to extend my knowledge of finance and accounting, to help take me to a new level and to help me to progress my financial thinking.

Another reason why Stern is my top choice is the many international ties that it has. I appreciate this from my experience of working with my father's trade business in china. This two year work experience helped me to vastly improve my Mandarin, and to increase my intercultural awareness. In keeping with this, Stern's highly multicultural student body is one of its best assets, and this fact will help me to further develop my interpersonal competence, and form working and personal relationships with people from all around the world. I have lots of experience with contributing to diversity, with my work experience as a language teacher, and from my participation of the cultural exchange association at my community college.

I understand the importance of networking within business and finance, and thanks to Sterns prolific reputation, studying here will help me to develop my contacts and push my career by making acquaintance with high profile people from international organizations. My ultimate goal is to be the CFO of a leading international company, and with my insights and my knowledge of Korean and Mandarin, and with a place at NYU, i believe these will be the ultimate primer for a successful career.

Being close to an economical hub present in New York is also a strong motivation for my choice of NYU. I believe that you need to be right at the heart of things to get the best exposure to business and finance, and with Manhattan being the center of the financial world, the opportunities will simply be the best. NYU will help me to gain contacts at the vanguard of the US economy, and after graduation, my location will help me immensely to get started with my career. There will be many opportunities for extra-curricular study, and for internships which will help me to develop my professional knowledge and experience.

Overall, i am sure that Stern Business School will be a crucial step for my dreams and aspirations. With an exemplary course, faculty, reputation and international focus, this Business School appears perfect for me. To gain a degree from NYU would be a dream come true, and would provide the best possible start for a career in business and finance. I know that if i am accepted, years from know i will look back on this most important crux, full of happy memories, brilliant discoveries, memorable occasions, and outstanding students from around the world.