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My name is Marcia Blanca, and i was born in Puerto Rico. When i was young i was a carefree soul, and i loved to do all of the things that young girls loved. I enjoyed going to the beach, and i loved the freedom of any open spaces, and i still often go to the beach to relax and sunbathe. I was a good achiever at school, and i gained excellent grades, and took part in many extra-curricular activities and sports. I used to play the violin, and managed to complete my first 5 grades before quitting to focus more on my studies and sport.

One thing that i enjoy to do more than most other things, and something that i still love to do today, is aerobic exercise. When I am exercising, I feel my mind clearing of all the mess that builds up inside of it from work, and this is very good for relieving me of stress and tension. I am not all about sports however, as i enjoy the arts and I like films. I am not as good with films as some of my friends, but I still really enjoy going to the movies and seeing the latest romances, action films, scary films and thrillers. When i stopped playing the violin i started playing the guitar – I am not very good at it but i still like to pick up my Fender Telecaster and strum a few chords of my favourite songs. I am interested in art, and especially the impressionist art of artists like Renoir, Degas, Cezanne, Manet and of course Monet, and one day I think I would like to pick up a paint brush and see if I have any skill at impressionist painting!

I married a few years ago and my husband Mario is the love of my life. We met in the first week of college, and we have never been separated since. I think that I am the luckiest woman in the world to have found my love so early on in life. We have yet to have children, but luckily we have 2 puppies and a fish to keep us busy. I grew up with 3 other siblings (two sisters and one brother), and our two cats Ronnie and Petey. I love all animals, though dogs are my favourite which is why we decided to get the puppies.

I am currently employed at the Puerto Rico Telephone company, where I work in human resources. Human resources is all about keeping the company’s relationship with its customers as good as possible, and this is a well suited job for me because I am definitely a people person. I help to address the legal matters of the company, file any lawsuits and such, but my main job is keeping the customer happy.

While I enjoy my job, I am planning to further my study, with the eventual hope of working for myself and becoming a freelance HR consultant for organisations of all sizes. Being my own boss is something I want because I have the personal discipline, and it will give me the freedom to stay at room and raise my family when the time comes. The course that I am going for will help me get truly qualified for my chosen profession, and help me secure a positive future.