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Biology term paper

"The blood from all parts of the body except the lungs enters the heart from behind, near the right-hand top corner, and flows into a chamber called the right auricle. This contracts rhythmically, the average rate in a grown man at rest is about seventy times a minute, and forces its contents into a thicker-walled chamber lying below it, the right ventricle. As soon as this is full it contracts in its turn. The blood is prevented from returning into the auricle by a valve, called the tricuspid. It therefore finds its way out through the pulmonary artery, which leads it to the lungs"

"The process that has just been described is the only character that is peculiar to living beings. But there is another feature that is highly characteristic of them, and only cannot be said to be peculiar them because it is found also in their dead bodies and in certain things, such as machines and societies, which are made by them. This is organization. It consists in their being composed of a number of parts or organs that are adapted to act together, each with a different task."

"Ready to admit that when a cat rubs against his feet she intends to induce him to give her food, nevertheless finds it "difficult to imagine that a bee intends to communicate to fellow workers a message about the distance and direction of pollen... That may be the meaning of the dance to an observer, but it is doubtful whether bees are capable of this type of understanding." Small size or remoteness from man is evidently taken as evidence against any form of conscious intent in bees. The image of a "ganglion on legs" dominates our view of invertebrate animals."

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