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Book Report Samples

"The third love-story, between Odintsova and Bazarov is clearly the most interesting, both because it concerns two people of widely differing social status and because it serves, like all the major love stories in Turgenev's fiction, as a means of illustrating the differing personalities of the two characters. It is, however, Bazarov who emerges more successfully from this contrast. Odintsova is almost as passive a participant in the relationship as was Insarov in On the Eve. But, unlike the Yelena - Insarov relationship, the relationship between Odintsova and Bazarov does not absorb the whole of the fiction. There is no definite continuity to it and it is allowed to languish, in contrast to the fourth love-story, between Arkady and Katya, which is both the most conventional in the sense that it is between two young people of similar social status and the most conventional in the sense that it has a happy outcome. It is in the different relationships involved in these love-stories that an enlargement of both structure and content in Fathers and Children as compared with the previous novels is to be discerned."

"However, Soames Forsyte is the main hero of this, the first Forsyte book, and epitomizes the gradual ripening and harvesting of the whole Victorian tradition. Honest, capable, strictly moral, he has grabbed at wistful fugitive beauty, personified by the penniless unwilling Irene" To their parents' consternation, they are attracted. Fleur determines to own Jon, for with her mother's looks and ability, she has her father's Forsyte grip. This situation was Galsworthy's reward. The opening scenes of the book are set at the reception given by old Jolyon, at his house in Princes Gate, to mark the betrothal of his granddaughter, June, to Philip Bosinney, the 'new' young architect, when we see the family displayed before us in all its mid-Victorian richness, just mellowing and rusting into late Victorianism."

"The Musketeer saga is one of the great epics of world literature, not only by virtue of its size (it runs to a million and a quarter words) but in its scope and values. Here is a tale of heroes Conflict is its heart. The stakes are high and the odds are stacked in favor of those who are fit only for treasons, stratagems, and spoils. But men of principle rise up against them to defend honor, loyalty, and right. They are red-blooded, hot-headed men who will not brook an insult nor tolerate a bully. They have short fuses and, when spurred to action by the spectacle of injustice and intrigue, leap promptly and joyfully to the challenge, displaying enough wit, daring, and panache to win over the most skeptical hearts. They are the muscular champions of Good in a world eternally at the mercy of Evil. Even those who have never read a word of their adventures know them. Where is the group of friends who have not at one time or other christened themselves 'Musketeers' and made the cry 'All for one and one for all' their very own? Within a few years of their first appearance, d'Artagnan, Athos, Aramis, and Porthos had traveled the world in translation and made their creator the most famous Frenchman of his age."

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