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Business Communications Strengths and Weaknesses


The following project states the strengths and weaknesses of the previous Unit 2 individual project work, with a preamble to why i have chosen the strengths and weaknesses of each point for the topic of effective and efficient communication in business.

Strengths and weaknesses from the previous Unit 2 project


  • The provided information comes from a variety of sources, goes into fair depth, and arguments are pertinent
  • The work is positively presented
  • Research is taken from a trusted source (Publishers Weekly)
  • The argument to why demonstrations at Bookseller's shows are needed, are backed up with evidence, and the information is based on the author's belief
  • All information is relevant and important


  • Too much of the work is written personally in the first person, as opposed to the more suitable second and third person (Thill, Bovee. 2005)
  • Sometimes information is too vague, and specific amounts should be used instead
  • Too much colloquial language makes the work appear unprofessional at times. This is important because the reader will establish his or her view of the author based on the language. Vocabulary is used too frivolously without regard to the specific meaning of certain words, which skews certain arguments (Beare, K. 2005)
  • Queries of cost are in post script. The post script should instead provide information as to act as a selling point, because the post script is often read first by the reader. Including cost can be seen as a negative, which if read first, could initialize a negative view from the beginning (Thill, Bovee, 2005)
  • There is no real clarification on whom the message is directed at and what the subject is. In the interests of the efficacy of communication, making this clearer would be of benefit (Owl Online Writing Lab. 2005)
  • The credibility of the author is questionable since he is not yet successful or well established. He states that the books should be well known by the convention. It would serve the author much better to be able to state that the books are already known, with proof of publishing and advertisement (thill, Bovee. 2005).
  • It is my belief that the writer has not followed the writing process to completion (Planning, writing and completion), and as such, the text overall feels a little rushed and pedantic, and it appears the work was not well revised and edited (Thill, Bovee. 2005)


Beare, Kenneth (2005) Writing Business Letters - English for Special Purposes Core Vocabulary retrieved 21 Oct 2005 from the website https://esl.about.com/library/lexical/bllexlist_commletters1.htm (link via https://www.learningcommons.uoguelph.ca/ByTopic/Writing/index.html)

Thill, John V., and Bovee, Courtland I (2005), Excellence in Business Communication 6th edition

Owl Online Writing Lab (2005), retrieved 21 Oct 2005 from the website https://owl.english.purdue.edu/handouts/pw/p_basicbusletter.html

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