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Beneficial Extra options

VIP support
+ $9.99 to the order total

VIP customer support offers you a unique experience that is a step above the regular customer service offered by other companies. Our customers are the most important part of our success and no matter what level of custom paper writing you choose you will always get the quality you expect. With VIP support you will have the best agents working for you!

When you order our VIP Support your questions will be answered by the most experienced agents on our team. You will also get priority order processing that includes minimal hold time to begin working on your assignment. We value every customer we have, but our VIP customers are also extremely important and get the special attention they need. This service costs an additional fee to cover the extra work by our best agents. Not only will you have the help of a senior representative but you can relax knowing that your order will not be placed on hold. Your order will be given the priority you want and deserve. Order our VIP Customer support and see the difference of being a VIP customer on your next order.

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Proofread by editor
+ 25% to the order total

Proofreading can make all the difference in your paper and grade. If you are worried about any mistakes in formatting grammar or spelling we advise you to have a professional proofreader review your paper. Check out our proofreading service and stop worrying about your papers.

If you are a bad writer or even a good writer you can still make mistakes or typos in your essays, research papers or term papers. Let's face it, mistakes do happen and you should take every step possible to eliminate any mistakes in your assignments. Our professional editing team can proof read your paper and identify any mistakes in grammar, punctuation or structure. This great feature will help you have a perfect paper every time at a price you can afford. Add proofreading to your order now and get the help you need to submit a perfect paper.

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Top 10 writers
+ $11 / page

Our best writers feature allows you to have your order completed by one of our top 10 writers. You will get a quality paper completed by our most experienced professionals. Our new Top 10 Writers feature is perfect for those complicated tasks. When you need help only the best will do and our best writers can give you a real advantage.

Our Top Writers are ready to give you a perfect paper that meets your needs! We have hundreds of experienced writing professionals on our team and they are always ready to help you, but imagine having the ability to have the best of the best write your papers. We now offer a unique way for you to obtain the highest quality paper imaginable, guaranteed! With this great new feature your paper will be completed by a Top 10 Writer for any assignment and at any level. Give yourself the advantage that only a professional writer can give. Our writers work hard to meet your expectations, deadline and quality requirements, but our Top 10 Writers are the best. If you have a big assignment or a close deadline this feature is for you and well worth the cost!

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I want a US/UK writer
+ 5% to the order total

British English and American English are different and we know how to give you exactly what you need. If you need a US or UK writer this great feature will help you get the right version and ensure the highest quality possible.

In our years of experience we fully understand that our customers come from all over the English speaking world. We also understand that there is a noticeable difference in the way British English and American English differ from each other. If you are a US student and you get a paper written with UK English it will be obvious to anyone who reads it that you did not write that paper. It is a fact that a UK writer is needed for a UK English writing assignment. Currently we have a limited number of qualified UK writers in our database and because of the demand our UK writer's services cost slightly more. The extra charge goes to cover the additional cost of an educated UK writer. The quality level of any document is guaranteed to be the highest possible no matter what style of English you choose. This feature is intended to give you that extra advantage with the exact style of English that you need.

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