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Fundamentals of Information System

A management information system is the network of channels for communication between computers and networks within a company or organization. Under the scope of the information system lies all of the separate and interconnected components that collect data, change and manipulate, and disseminate it. This includes systems of software (front end, middleware, back end), hardware, employees, communication cables, and of course the information itself. The relevant processes in the information system are the input, output and processing of data, the storage of data, and the reports gained from such information which can be used for executive decisions.

Information systems are vital to businesses in most industries, and in this case the automotive industry, because information systems provide the necessary communicative tools to support the operations, strategies and decision making processes. Take MIS for example. This IS allows managers and high level operatives to introduce new plans and strategies, to implement and control them, so that new products, services and ventures can occur successfully. It allows for large scale complex information to be consolidated to provide meaningful results for analysis, with a front end for employees where questions can be asked and responded to. For example, the IS will handle stock levels, and vehicle information for easy usage for employees.

The following input is used for the IS:

  1. Sales, payroll, investment, and other accounting records
  2. Inventory information, process data, repair and maintenance information, supply chain, and other such relevant operational data
  3. Personal accounts and salaries, employment records, purchase history, marketing research and advertising data
  4. High level business intelligence information, competitor data, industry data, plans and objectives, and other strategic data

The company manager can use this information to make company activities such as monitoring output very easily, and can produce accounting records, HR records, and other important data which is vital for producing new strategies and decision making. The development of new IS technologies, such as MIS, makes the operations of employees at all levels of business more simple and straightforward, to help the business be as efficient and competitive as it can be. High tech tools always help to increase the performance and manpower of a company.

For companies that deal with large amounts of information analysis, input and retrieval, artificial intelligence is becoming more and more important. This includes intelligent input, protection, and automated procedures. These systems are highly important for banks and financial businesses who have to deal with high levels of risk, such as loan and credit card issuers, so that fraud and cheats can be caught. Future development for science is brought to the public attention through innovate technologies such as artificial intelligence.

Virtual reality is another modern technology which is making its way into industry sectors, such as education, training, healthcare, entertainment, marketing and tourism. VR is used in things as diverse as films, real estate advertising, such as virtual tours, and educational and military training, such as flight training and the maintenance of military craft.