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Term paper on Human Resource Management

"Recruiting over the Internet is not a replacement for traditional methods like radio advertising, newspaper listings, networking or attending career fairs, but is becoming very popular in our society. It is a good resource when an applicant is in search of a career opportunity. Lately, many newspapers place their job ads online for job seekers to view. Electronic advertising is a method of recruiting that corporations should consider when searching for qualified applicants to fill an opening in an organization. Companies should use this tool to attract qualified people.

It is very important to recruit productive, trustworthy employees that will fit in the corporation's cultural environment and help the company achieve the established goals. Employees should follow the mission of the organization and work to help the business succeed. People, our human resources, need to be trained to meet these corporate goals. It is very costly to hire an employee that steals from the business or leaves the company after several training and recruiting dollars have been spent. Human resource managers want to obtain people that can grow with the company and are motivated employees. Electronic recruiting can be used to find employees with these skills."

"In confronting Rifkin's prediction of a "society absent of mass formal employment", this is possible for while technology is rapidly changing and restructuring workplaces on a global scale, there are stresses which are causing instability in the workforce (Smark 1997, p. 47). Fewer people are required in many areas, greatly reducing the availability of work (Gill 1996, p. 165). Consequently, when workers are displaced by new technology, there are substantial costs in retraining and educating them for other jobs (Gill 1996, p. 167). One of the problems posed by rapidly changing technology then, is that people do not have the required skills to gain employment and although there may be jobs out there, the problem is not demand for labour, but the quality of labour supplied (Clark 1997, p. 172). The opportunities for people being re-employed without the appropriate skills are minimal and subsequently, they fall on society for welfare, unemployment and retraining (Smark 1997, p. 47). Are these the desired outcomes that flow from technological transitions with which society is confronted?"

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