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Hypnosis term paper

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"Trances also on occasion may be accompanied by mental dissociation and what is known as automatism, i.e., activities performed without the conscious awareness of the individual, or with the individual will in abeyance. We also find on occasion a mild form of trance involving wishful thinking, self-deception, and autosuggestion due to the subject's neurotic desire for attention. Drugs may also produce a type of trance in which the individual's will appears to be sapped and the individual seems half asleep and not aware of what he or she is saying and doing. People on tranquilizers often seem to be in a trance. People who are neurotic or have milder forms of psychosis also often appear to be and act like they are in a trance. Finally, we have the fake trances that the professional mediums and channelers exhibit at will. Many modem channelers can go into a trance instantly " even faster if you flash a few dollar bills. Unfortunately, the confusion surrounding the term "trance" as used by many people in the hypnosis business is mind-boggling. Jay Haley's description of the problem is classic: "The trance is sleep, but it isn't sleep. It is a conditioned reflex but it occurs without conditioning. It is a transference relationship involving libidinal and submissive instinctual strivings, but this is because of aggressive and sadistic instinctual strivings. It is a state in which a person is hypersuggestible to another's suggestions, but one where only auto-suggestion is effective since compliance from the subject is required. It is a state of concentrated attention, but is achieved by dissociation. It is a process of role-playing, but the role subjectively real. It is a neurological change based upon psychological suggestions, but the neurological changes have yet to be measured and the psychological suggestions have yet to be defined. Finally, there is a trance state which exists separately from trance phenomena, such as catalepsy, hallucinations, and so on, but these phenomena are essential to a true trance state. "Other notions with regard to trance are equally confusing."

In terms of what to be done and how the hypnosis could be brought to treatments, the students might have to address these aspects within their essays or research papers. Moreover, thesis and term paper might also asked for such info.

"primary suggestibility is highly correlated with hypnosis, in contrast to secondary suggestibility. It would appear then, for the time being, that primary suggestibility is what Janet and others were referring to. The suggestibility of one more category of individuals, the psychotics, remains to be examined. According to Kraepelin and Bleuler, manic depressives are suggestible, in contrast to schizophrenics who are not. Naumov has stated without further qualification that insane individuals are four times more suggestible than sane persons. Williams tested psychotic individuals by means of the postural sway test. He reported that catatonics are negatively suggestible but that there is no difference between the suggestibility of schizophrenic paranoids and that of normal persons. Manic depressives were found by him to be a little more negative and somewhat less responsive than normal individuals. Barry, using their own scale of suggestibility, also found that catatonic subjects tend to be negatively suggestible, compared to other schizophrenic types. Bartlett has repeated Williams' investigation and has substantiated his results in part, but not entirely. Inasmuch as Webb has shown that the validity of Bartlett's investigation is in serious doubt, one should not place too much reliance on it."

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"Each patient's expectations and preferences regarding hypnosis must always be considered. Sometimes it happens that a person does not wish to be hypnotized, whereas the hypnotist thinks hypnosis is the ideal treatment. In such cases certain effects associated with hypnosis, specifically those stemming from relaxation and imagination can be brought about without the formal use of trance. The application of clinical hypnosis within the context of ongoing, traditional psychotherapy can be complicated. Hypnosis used to treat a symptom that emerges during the course of therapy is, in some ways, analogous to medicine prescribed for symptomatic relief. Often it is helpful to clear up the symptom so that therapy can proceed. For instance, a woman suffers from agoraphobia (fear of leaving her house). Her symptom has developed because she is unknowingly troubled by "unacceptable" instincts and impulses, and her conflict needs to be resolved so that the basis for the symptom disappears. Such resolution is the domain of long-term psychotherapy. Meanwhile, however, she is hardly able to leave her house to get to that therapy. Hypnosis would give her enough immediate symptomatic relief so that the needed long term treatment could take place on a less desperate footing."

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