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Interracial relationships

A fundamental issue which requires attention is that of interracial relationships in the modern world. People all around the globe have many sweeping differences, even between people who are geographically very close. Identifiers such as skin color, language, appearance, culture, ethical views and so on differ from place to place. The problem is insuring that the vast array of diversity and differences between us all does not lead to negativity. Can we all get along?

An everyday problem that experts often face when dealing with interracial relationships, is whether or not a concrete system should be used to define how people of different races should interact with each other. It seems to be the case that more and more experts see the solution to the problem by laying down a legal framework.

Like the vast majority of Western countries, the United States is a multinational and multicultural society. Look to anywhere in particular in the country - especially in the towns and cities - and you will find people of all races and nationalities, and people who are the offspring of immigrants, or immigrant themselves, and at a variety of stages from total assimilation of the American culture, or completely new to it. While you assume that harmony between these differences happens for this to be able to happen, the history book says something much different. History has shown that it has been very difficult for different cultures to live together, and for there to be equality of rights. There have been an uncountable number of conflicts and disputes, and it took a very long time for the law to update to take these things into account.

It is unfortunate that interracial tension is often the precursor to conflict. Though it cannot be proven that racial conflict has anything to do with many modern wars, there are also certain examples which relate explicitly to race or have definite connotations, such as the wars in Yugoslavia. Plato once said that only dead people saw the end of war, and he will only ever be proved wrong if wars stop, which looks set not to happen any time soon. In terms of race however, if you pick a random person you are far more likely to find someone who accepts other races, and finds human variation a wonderful thing. Without variation the world would be a boring and strange place to live, like something out of "Being John Malkovich". When he has a hallucination where everyone is exactly like him he says that he saw something that no man should see.

Another relevant issue is interracial marriage. The number of interracial marriages has increased dramatically since the 1960's, coinciding with a rapidly globalizing world. For most people, interracial marriage is simply human beings exercising their freedom to fall in love with however they want, without racism putting a block on their freedom. However there are still prejudices today on the subject. Many people still do not accept Black and White marriage, and the fact is that this marriage is less well accepted than other forms of interracial marriage. This is a problem that needs to be explored and addressed.

The study of interracial relationships starts at college, and the fact colleges are now a very multiracial and multicultural place provides a great opportunity for studying the psychology of these relationships. Studies show that around 50% of students at college are open minded and open to interracial relationships. Other studies found that there was no correlation between university ranking and the stance on interracial relationships, and that Black people were twice as likely to be open to the concept of interracial relationships as white people were. These results make for interesting debate.

There are many things today that are commonplace that in history were socially unacceptable and even forbidden. Today there is much less social influence on relationships, and in the past there tended to be much more consideration into the partners social standing and income than today. There were laws that prohibited interracial marriage as recently as the beginning as the 1960's, in which the government forbid white people from marrying people of other races and cultures. These laws obviously go against the constitution, which helped towards the abolishment of this law. Abolishment has helped people to be free in choosing their partner, and as such interracial marriages have increased steadily since this era. Having said this, the primary forcing for interracial relationships is that this country has been increasing its cultural diversity, and this has been due to immigration. Immigration is still a sensitive issue, and relationships between people of different races may still face plenty of adversity today in America, though the issue appears to be getting better as America becomes more and more accustomed to lots of different cultures, and realizes that this diversity brings prosperity.

Personally i believe that God created everyone to be equal, and yet beautifully different and individual. I do not understand how someone from any background can have a reason to think they are superior to anyone else, and i understand less the people who use this false information to oppress other races and other cultures.

Despite the progress made in the modern world, we are still up against adversity. We have needed thousands of years to realize that diversity is natural, and that cultural, political and religious differences fragment the world into many different and yet relatable pieces. The fragments will always be there, but improving relationships means understanding the differences to help glue the fragments together. One day i hope that everyone will understand that connection is best in removing ignorance, because ignorance leads to hate and suffering as a result. So many people have died needlessly in wars, simply because of this ignorance.

Despite the many differences between nations, cultures and races (all of them equal and beautiful) share more than enough similarities to get along. We are the same species, and all of the differences are superficial. We can all love, admire, laugh, connect, hate and despair, and many other things, and we all have to face the conundrum of life in our own way. The bottom line is that the answers lie in yourself, everyone is born equal, and that people should treat each other as they wish to be treated.