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Management term paper

"Everybody knows that government regulations hamstring managers in significant ways; indeed the not unreasonable claim is that government interference causes management to dysfunction, thereby damaging the nation's competitive posture. But the private firm's relationship with government cannot be separated from questions of what Germans call the 'Constitution of the firm'. If we think of the firm as a community within which there are common but also mutually antagonistic interests, then the constitution of the firm must provide the rules through which mutual antagonisms are satisfactorily resolved, or the workplace community dissolves. It is important, moreover, to think about the firm's socio-economic embedded ness."

"Understanding the various meanings of business ethics is just a start toward ethical behavior. The challenge is to incorporate an ethical perspective into everyday business decisions and actions, which is done when members of an organization internalize ethical principles and they become part of the corporate culture. As stated by Chester Barnard in his classic, Functions of an Executive, an executive must hold a personal moral code and be able to create a moral code for others."

"Among more advanced countries also there are substantial differences in environmental conditions which tend to result in different dominant patterns of management and different levels of management effectiveness. For example, it appears that managerial effectiveness in the Russia is hindered primarily by the general economic framework of the country; in Great Britain various sociological and educational factors seem to be having a more negative impact than in the US, but Britain may fare better than the US on some legal factors; Japan is faced with extremely scarce natural resources; Brazil has been confronted with serious inflationary problems and political instability."

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