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Music term paper

Music has always been one of the most powerful attractions for the students and that is the reason why many students go for joining the music related studies. In pursuing their studies they are asked to write different terms papers, essays, research papers, etc. in the following paragraph, you may take a look at one of the best examples delivered by our competent professional writers.

"Billie Holiday was never a successful blues singer, but when she accepted the popular ballad as the primary medium for her artistic expression, she created a stunning musical personality. Her recordings in 1937 of He's Funny That Way and 1938 of I Can't Get Started testify to her unique vocal timbre, unfailing sense of pitch, and ability to communicate the emotion of the lyrics as though they were being sung for the first time by the person about whom and for whom they were written. The warm, intensely personal quality of her singing is an expression of herself and an indication of her professionalism and talent. Her phrasing is always gracious, her dynamics controlled, and her sensitivity to the accompanying instrumental sounds manifest, allowing for the kind of balanced interplay that characterizes real jazz. Her recordings with members of the Basie band, which she joined in 1937, are all outstanding, and the lyrical gifts of tenor saxophonist Lester Young are a perfect match for her subtle phrasing and expressive use of pitch and time. Holiday's 1941 performance of All of Me was so influential that virtually every female vocalist who sang the number during the following decade tried to imitate her."

Different assignments need different aspects and singers to be covered. A student might be curious about both blue singer as well as some other genre while writing his essay or some term paper. Let's discuss something about David Bowie and his musical contributions.

"It is notable that when chanson has been taken up by rock singers it has been as theatrical song " David Bowie sings Jacques Brel songs as if they were written by Brecht and Weill; Marc Almond treats them as high camp. For both Almond and Bowie the "character" of the song, the person they enact, is the chansonnier himself; and this is a point that can be generalized: to sing a song is to tell a story, and to tell a story is to be a storyteller. One of pop's principle pleasures is being buttonholed in the first place.

In the British (as opposed to the French) tradition popular music has always featured the character song, a form which links music hall artists like Marie Lloyd and Gracie Fields to a cabaret act like Noel Coward, and which has been the most obviously "British" component of rock from Ray Davies and Mick Jagger to Elvis Costello, Morrissey, and Blur. The lyrical and narrative convention here is to use a song to portray a character while simultaneously drawing attention to the art of the portrayal."

In addition to the above, the students have to deal with the media and the channels imparting their roles in the music in their term papers or research papers. Moreover, the introduction of music channels also supported the industry as well as economy.

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