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My Personal Goals in Law School

My dream is to get into law school, as i feel that law is a subject where i will be able to help others, achieve my personal aspirations, and become a better person. Being more specific, there are three primary goals that i have in my minds that explain why i want to do law, and that is my educational goals, my professional goals and my personal goals.

Law links to my personal beliefs and goals, since practicing law will help me to protect others from prejudice, and professional misconduct, and i don't think any other subject will address this personal goal as thoroughly. Learning about law in all its intricacies will help me to make changes to the problems in our society, which include corruption, racial discrimination and other forms of prejudice, and unfair labor practices. These problems which decay our society slowly from the inside have been around for a long time, and while many people simply accept them as a fact of life, and say that nothing can be done to help the situation, i believe otherwise. Going to law school will help me to improve my argumentative and innovative skills, and help me to hone my instincts helping my judgments to be as accurate as possible. This will give me the capacity to give credible insights and points of view based on my knowledge of the law, to help protect people who are oppressed, discriminated against, and at the receiving end of unfair professional practice, and to help condemn those who break the law, and who are dishonest and corrupt. I understand that i am only one person and that i cannot make any sweeping changes overnight, but i believe that any force for good, no matter how small goes a very long way, and can build momentum and influence in the long run. I plan to provide protection for those who need it the most, by proving legal advice and all of the expertise and skills that i acquire and develop, and to be as righteous and principled as i can, to help serve and protect this nation.

My professional goal is to become the best upholder of the law as i can be, and law school will provide me with all the preparations i need to become a law enforcement officer. Studying law and law enforcement is a complimentary process. It would be amazing to live in a country where law enforcement officers use their skills to protect and serve the law, to reduce cases of police abuse, and increase the proficiency and efficacy of law enforcers and the law enforcement process. All in all i want to stand by and promote fairness and equality, righteousness, truth and justice, which are the foundations of any true society. Realizing my professional goal of becoming a law enforcement officer, and learning the laws which give me the ability to do my job is the prime motivation for me wanting to go to law school.

My educational goal is to excel, to achieve nothing less than A's across the board, and get to the top of all my classes. This is not because i want the prestige or the envy of my peers, but because i want to prove to myself that i can do it, and even more importantly, give me the best chance of getting the job i want after law school. I understand that this won't be an easy task, especially for law. To do well at law you need to be scrupulously hardworking and patient, which are things that i believe i have. You also need to be able to sacrifice other things in your life, and i am willing to do this, and i believe this will help to develop my self discipline and my overall strength of character.

If i perform as i intend at law school, then this will be great because it will show me that i can do anything, and succeed with anything else in life. I know that my underlying performance at law school will be built on my desire to protect and serve the people of this country, especially from racism and corruption. I believe that my educational goal of graduating with distinction will be crucial for my belief in myself, and hence for the future goals i set for myself, and go about achieving.

I know that law school is a challenge of significant weight, and the thought of it is daunting, but i think that i have enough courage to take on the challenge, to work as hard as i possibly can, and to achieve my goals.