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Business Communications

Effective and clear writing is essential for business success. Accordingly, anyone who is interesting in getting employed in business, or in setting up his or her own business, needs to know how to write effectively. This article highlights three websites which have learning features on how to write effectively in the world of business, and each are studied to see how good they are at helping you.

The first website we looked at was This site addresses writing, and how to avoid making errors when writing letters in business, which is important because much of the time it is not the good elements of your writing which go noticed, but the bad elements and the mistakes. Mistakes in punctuation, spelling and grammar all make a really bad impression in a professional environment and need to be completely eliminated if you want a real chance of success. If you get everything right, then your writing will be clear and easy to read, and maximize the chance of the recipient understanding what you are trying to say.

This website also goes over presentation and formatting, and how to properly used paragraphs. Proper structuring makes letters and documents easy to follow, and makes key points easier to get to. Good presentation makes your writing more appealing, and will make your writing easy and amicable.

The website highlights the fact that in correspondence you should always let the reader know who you are and the business your represent, whether the communication is in the form of an advertisement, letter or brochure. A business will benefit highly from this, as readers will be exposed to the business and have a good idea of what the business does. The website states that Introductions should be short and have a good impact, with only a few words which summarizes what the company does and what your role is within the company.

The second website is, and this site provides techniques and guides on how to write effectively. The tips are based on the type of writing you intend to achieve, and focuses on the objective of your material, to ensure that the message you want to get across to the reader is clear and correct. It highlights that clarity means impact, and if your writing has no focus or objective, then your writing becomes useless. You should always get to the point quickly, and the site goes over four main points – feeling, idea, benefit, and response. In other words, your writing should invoke a specified feeling in the reader, it should give the reader your ideas, it should benefit the reader, and should provoke a certain response (for example, to buy a certain product or be aware of new company policy).

The third website is, which also gives recommendations and guides on effective writing. For example, they recommend keeping to the point, having the reader in mind when your write, setting the correct tone, writing in uncomplicated English, using effective headers and titles and avoiding mundane writing. The site abides by clarity, concision, correctness, convincingness, completeness and courteousness. The site states that keeping the reader in mind insures that you set the right tone, use the correct amount of detail, use appropriate language, and all in all write a better letter.

From considering these three web sites, there are five main rules that should be considered most important for business writing. The first site urges you not to make mistakes, create a clear format, have good presentation, and to always introduce yourself and your business. The second site states that focusing on the end result is key, and the last site urges you to put yourself in the reader’s shoes.


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