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When you get into college, you should be ready for a much more hectic schedule than the one you have right now. If you move to another town, you’ll face all the challenges of an independent life: time management, chores, shopping, maybe even a part-time job.

You’re not there yet, but you’re already feeling part of the stress. The admissions process is time-consuming and requires much energy. You have to compose a unique college admission essay for each committee while following various requirements and guidelines. That’s a lot for one stressed-out applicant!

A smart way to share the burden of responsibility is to apply to our writing service - SuperiorPapers. You might hesitate if you’ve never used such a service before. And were ready to answer the main question.

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Is it legal to buy a college admission essay online?

You have every right to be suspicious, but it’s okay to hire a professional writer for this content. Writing agencies operate under the same laws as all other companies in the country where they are registered.

Another question is how you are going to use the essay sample that they’ll provide. Submitting it without changes is a bad idea. You can use the text composed by our writers as a source of inspiration and as an example of a well-structured college admission essay. You may also rephrase the sentences that impress you the most. As a result, you’ll have an original application essay that will get you into the university of your dreams.

But you have to hire the right service!

5 important benefits of SuperiorPapers service

So you decided to hire a professional writer to help with this challenge? That’s a good idea. But you have to choose the service wisely!

You want to find a top company since this is one of the most important pieces of content you’ve ever written. Allow us to explain how our writing service is the right choice.

  • Experience

We’ve been on the market for 10+ years. Experience is one of our greatest advantages. We’ve been working with students for a very long time, so we saw how their college application needs to be evolved. Social proof means a lot, and you’ll find it if you search for reviews and testimonials about our service. It’s a highly reputable company that deserves your trust.

  • Professional team

SuperiorPapers is a service with a good reputation, and we don’t want to risk it. That’s why all the writers who want to join our team have to prove their skills and qualification. We only hire experts with academic degrees and writing experience. All the applicants have to pass an English test and complete a test order to become a part of our team.

  • Happy customers

We’ve made thousands of students happy with the assistance we provide. Ultimate satisfaction is our main goal. We want every single customer to receive well-written content. That’s why we offer free revisions and other guarantees that ensure them a great experience on our website. The fact that over 90% of first-time users return for more orders says enough about the quality we deliver.

  • 24/7 support

We made our terms and conditions very transparent. You can easily read them before placing an order at our website. But if you want to get your information as quickly as possible, you can use the live chat. We’ll be available after you place the order, too. You can get details about the progress of the project.

  • 100% confidence

Our company values the privacy of our customers. We make sure that personal information shared with us is safe. Our managers need your phone number and email to contact you in case of emergency, but they never give this data to a third party. You also shouldn’t worry about spam messages or emails.

As you can see, we are worthy of your trust. You’re only a few clicks away from an excellent college admission essay:

  1. Calculate the price of your order
  2. Click the button “Proceed”
  3. Fill in the ordering form
  4. Wait for a perfect essay
  5. Download it from our website

Maybe, you still have some doubts? Don’t feel confident about the benefits of online services? Let us give you more reasons to order your application essay.

5 top reasons to get your college admission essay here

SuperiorPapers has been part of the online writing industry for over a decade. Throughout that time, we’ve been communicating with students, trying to understand their reasons to rely on professional writers. These are the most common reasons we identified through surveys and direct communication:

Poor writing skills

Most high-school students are not good at writing essays. Sure; they’ve worked on different assignments throughout the years of study. But none of these tasks prepared them to write a personal essay that would win them a spot in the best colleges. Of course, you or your parents can hire a tutor who will assist you with composing a college admission essay. But that costs a lot. Hiring an online writer will be much easier and cheaper.

Fear of failure

Your admission essay is one of the most important writing pieces that you have to compose in your life. And the pressure can be unbearable for some applicants. The fear can block your writing skills, and you won’t be able to come up even with one sentence. But our writers have no fear! They’re ready for any challenge.

Deadline anxiety

It seems like you have a whole year to come up with a bundle of brilliant application essays for three of four colleges. However, you’ll probably postpone this task to the last minute. Eventually, the deadline anxiety will totally block your ability to write, and you’ll end up with empty hands. It’s better to place your order in advance and relax. SuperiorPapers writers always stick to the deadline date.

Lack of time

The application process isn’t only about an essay. You need to find and analyze tons of information about colleges, tuition fees, scholarships, etc. You also have to ask for recommendation letters and learn about the city where you’re going to study (if you leave your parents’ house). After all, you have to pass exams! With all this fuss, you’ll face serious time restrictions. Perhaps, sharing this burden is the best possible option. 

The application paper is an essential part of the admissions process. The committee will check the student’s academic record and extracurricular activities. However, that’s just dry information that doesn’t tell much about the applicant’s personality. That’s what the essay serves for.

And if you aren’t 100% confident about writing it by yourself - leave it to the professionals of SuperiorPapers!