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SWOT analysis is a way to evaluate the company, project, or specialist from four perspectives: strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and risks. This method has been introduced in the 1970s, but it’s still popular in the domains of business, management, and marketing.

If you’re pursuing a major in one of these subject areas, you’re likely to get a SWOT analysis assignment soon or later. It might seem like a challenge, especially for first-year students. In case you need assistance with this task, we’ll be glad to provide it. Click the button below to proceed with the order!

How our writers handle SWOT analysis assignments

You might have some doubts about entrusting our experts with your assignment. That’s understandable! You want to get a good grade without wasting your time on correcting a poorly written paper. Let us explain how our specialists work with this type of assignment, and you’ll feel more confident about ordering from us:

  1. Read the instructions attentively
  2. The main goal of our experts is to meet your expectations. The only way to understand them is through your instructions. That’s why we ask all our customers to provide detailed requirements for our writers. They also can reach you via our messaging system to ask some questions about your instructions, so stay online if possible.

  3. Research the topic
  4. Every SWOT analysis assignment requires profound research. Our specialist has to understand a general background before he commences to write. Our company has access to online libraries and databases where our experts can find all the necessary information from various reliable resources.

  5. Make a list of resources
  6. We have a zero-tolerance policy against plagiarism in our company. That’s why our authors write down all the books, journals, newspapers, and articles that they use for their analysis to compose a bibliography for the paper. They stick to proper formatting when they cite these resources in the text.

  7. Define the strengths of the company or project
  8. The first part of the SWOT analysis assignment for students is specifying and describing the strengths of the object of research. If the writer analyzes the company, he focuses on the following questions:

    • What are the best company’s products?
    • How is the company attractive to investors/partners/employees?
    • What allows the company to stand out from the crowd of competitors?
    • What are the most successful projects of the company?
    • What departments are the most efficient?
  9. Define the weaknesses of the company or project
  10. Unfortunately, even the best companies have weaknesses. And the SWOT analysis helps discover these flaws so that the company management could concentrate on fixing the biggest problems. Here is a list of questions that our writer usually researches:

    • What departments show the worst results?
    • What is the most frequent reason for conflicts in the company?
    • What are the least successful projects of the company?
    • Why do some products fail?
  11. Define the opportunities for the company or project
  12. Strengths and weaknesses are internal factors, and a company or individual has the chance to change them. Meanwhile, opportunities and threats are external factors that you can’t alter. But they should be taken into account as they often have a significant impact on the company, project, or person. If you do a SWOT analysis for business purposes, take a look into potential investors, new technologies, or new markets. If you analyze a person, you can include the following opportunities: job offers, professional events, training, etc.

  13. Define the threats to the company or project
  14. Although you often can’t eliminate the threats, you can prepare an action plan or avoidance strategy. In SWOT analysis assignments about companies, our writers focus on these aspects: regulatory changes, competitors’ growth, market decline, demand decrease, etc. When it comes to SWOT analysis for an individual, the threats include the following: loss of job or assets (car/house), failing tests/exams, health issues, job relocation, visa problems, losing key clients (for freelancers), etc.

  15. Write a consistent text
  16. After our writer defines and describes all the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, he has to put them together and turn them into a well-structured paper. He can also come up with recommendations or strategies based on the SWOT analysis if that’s required.

  17. Edit and proofread
  18. We provide high-quality SWOT analysis assignment help. Our writers never skip this step to ensure the absence of spelling and grammar mistakes. Even the most interesting paper won’t get a good grade if it’s filled with typos.

  19. Make revisions if necessary
  20. Our customers can request revisions if they want after the writer completes the order. This service is free of charge. Of course, we won’t make changes if they contradict your initial requirements (e.g. change of the topic or type of paper). After all the necessary alterations are made, you will be able to download your SWOT analysis assignment from our website.

Our writers do their best to exceed your expectations. And SuperiorPapers tries to keep up with them as a company. We are glad to offer the following benefits to all our customers!

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