Do’s and Don’ts of Our College Essay Writing Service

SuperiorPapers has been on the market for a significant period of time. Over the years, we’ve provided assistance to thousands of students. Our experts have created numerous samples on various topics and mastered the art of academic writing.

Every college essay writing service has a bunch of policies that it sticks to. SuperiorPapers is no exception. Below, you’ll see a list of rules that will give you an overall impression of how our service works and what you may expect.


Highly qualified team

We hire only professionals with vast academic experience. In such a manner, the difficulty of your assignment doesn’t matter: we guarantee that it will be completed with excellence. All the candidates pass view tests to prove that they have a proper set of skills and knowledge of academic writing styles (MLA, APA, Chicago).

Plagiarism-free samples

Plagiarism is a widespread phenomenon among cheap college essay writing services. But we’re cut from a different cloth. Our policy is indisputable: zero plagiarism is allowed! If you want to be 100% confident about the uniqueness of your paper, don’t hesitate to order a free plagiarism report.

Attentive customer support

Although our website is user-friendly and intuitive, some customers may face difficulties while ordering from our college essay writers. Plus, you might have additional questions regarding our service. In any case, you’re always welcome to apply to our customer support managers as they’re available 24/7 and ready to help with any problem.

Simple and intuitive ordering process

If you find it challenging to place your order, that’s a real red flag. Trust-worthy college essay services care about their customers, and the whole team of designers works to provide the best UX. Besides, if the ordering process isn’t clear, you might end up with a bunch of extra fees!


Prewritten texts

We don’t have a base of prewritten texts, and there is more than one reason for it. Firstly, we stick to the plagiarism-free policy, so our hard-working writers prepare a unique sample for each order. Secondly, every customer has special requirements, and we can’t comply with them if we provide a prewritten sample. Finally, delivering a non-original text is unethical, and we would never do this to our customers.

Personal information leaks

Students are often worried about confidentiality when they use college essay writing services. That’s understandable. But we need your personal information to contact you in case of emergencies. That’s why we use the most advanced algorithms and encryption to keep your info safe.

Underqualified writers

Becoming a college essay writer isn’t an easy task. You need expertise in various knowledge fields as well as advanced writing skills. Writing services frequently hire underqualified writers as they don’t require higher pay, and the price for a sample is lower. But this policy has an awful effect on the quality of the texts. At SuperiorPapers, we have reasonable prices, and that allows us to hire only professionals.

Hidden fees

Our pricing is clear and simple. The price of the order depends on the number of pages, academic level, and urgency. We also offer some additional services: all of them are listed in the ordering form. But we would never charge you for the things that you haven’t ordered.

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5 mistakes you make while choosing college essay writing services

The internet is overloaded with various writing services, and it’s not always easy to pick the perfect one. You can really get lost in those jungles and face some unexpected problems such as information leaks, plagiarised texts, wrong formatting, scams, etc.

That’s why you should be cautious and avoid the mistakes listed below:

  • Picking websites with a bad reputation

The best way to make a choice is a recommendation from a fellow student. But that’s not always an option. Before ordering anything from a new college essay writing service, find some customer reviews and make sure that others are satisfied with this service. You may find some feedback on the main page or on a dedicated review page.

  • Falling for a low price

No well-skilled college essay writer will work for peanuts. You need to understand that the price for a paper includes payment for a writer’s job and also a commission of the service. A low price can be an indicator of underqualified writers or even scammers.

  • Choosing the service without 24/7 support

Big and reliable companies care about their customers and provide around-the-clock support. Besides, if the service works with students from around the world, it needs 24/7 support to be able to respond to customers’ queries from different time zones. And if the college essay writing service operates in various countries, it’s respectable enough to entrust it with your assignment.

  • Picking the website with a poor design

The comfort of customers is a top priority for trustworthy services. They spend much time and energy on improving the design of a website according to the users’ needs and preferences. If you stumble upon an uncomfortable and confusing interface, please, stay away from such websites. A poor design means that they don’t have resources for improvements, and you’ll probably get a poor-written text from an overwhelmed college essay writer.

Sometimes, taking a risk is the best choice. But this approach doesn’t work well when you’re trying to get a well-written academic paper. We highly recommend considering all the possible mistakes we’ve listed above and avoid them by all means. In this way, you’ll save your money, time, and nerve cells.

Why ask for help from college essay writers

Students don’t come to us because of their laziness (although, that might happen from time to time). There is a whole bunch of factors that may lead to this decision. And we want you to know that no matter for what reason you’ve decided to order a text from SuperiorPapers, we won’t judge. Our specialists will give you a helping hand at any time. Below, you’ll find a list of reasons to ask for assistance:

  • Lack of time

Because of time constraints, students have to prioritize their assignments and responsibilities. Studying, work, family, friends - all these aspects of life are extremely important, you can’t neglect them. And there is nothing wrong with applying for college essay services when you need academic assistance. It’s better to rely on professionals, than wasting your time on an assignment that isn’t interesting for you.

  • Lack of knowledge

Composing a well-written academic paper is not a piece of cake. You need vast experience to get a good grade and don’t jeopardize your academic success. But what if the topic is too complex or you have no interest in researching it? Once again: asking for help from college essay writers is absolutely acceptable.

  • Lack of writing skills

Another problem that students frequently face is a lack of writing skills. You might have tons of ideas, but there is no way to get a high grade if you can’t format them in a proper way. Besides, knowing one academic writing style isn’t enough. And our experts are familiar with all the common styles: MLA, APA, Chicago, and Harvard.

  • Lack of inspiration

Sometimes, you are just not in the right mood. Headache, distractions, family troubles, anxiety - we’ve all been there. But the deadline won’t wait until you figure out all your problems. Instead of consuming energy drinks for a better concentration, place your order at our college essay writing service - SuperiorPapers.

  • Lack of resources

Working with narrow topics is exciting, but can be challenging due to a lack of reliable resources. And without good quotes, you may forget about a good grade. Our writers have access to numerous databases and online libraries. They always pick only the best sources with recent information on any topic.

We think that any of these reasons is sufficient to use a college essay writing service. If you still hesitate, maybe our FAQ section will help you to make a decision.


  1. Is using college essay writing services legal?

    You shouldn’t worry about that: using our service is 100% legal. Of course, if you present the sample composed by our writer as your own - you might be accused of plagiarism. Our papers are original, so you can use them as a source of inspiration or for paraphrasing.

  2. May I ask for revisions?

    Yes, we have a great Revision Policy. You may ask for as many revisions as necessary. You may request any corrections except for major changes such as topic change or adding more pages.

  3. Do I have to choose a college essay writer?

    No, you don’t have to waste your time on that. Our system picks the best candidate for your order automatically. We have a whole team of experts who specialize in various disciplines so they can deal with any academic writing problem.

  4. Why do you need my contact information?

    We ask for your phone number and email because we need a way to contact you in case of any questions or emergencies. Our college essay writing service doesn’t send any spam letters, you don’t have to worry about that. Besides, we guarantee 100% confidentiality to all of our customers.