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There are dozens of essay writing services on the internet, and it’s not always easy to pick one. Before ordering any papers, you should take a look at the services and benefits that a specific website may offer.

We’ve gathered all the benefits of Superior Papers in one place so you could take a closer look:

  • Well-written samples

When you get essay writing help online, you should look for a service with good customer reviews. You may read some on our main page. We always make sure that our clients are satisfied with the quality of samples. Their feedback keeps us motivated to keep up high standards.

  • 24/7 support

Although our website is user-friendly and intuitive, you still may get confused with some features. Our customer support managers got your back! You can apply to them at any time. They’ll also assist if you have troubles with a writer, payment process, or any technical issue.

  • Free plagiarism report

Our plagiarism policy is unquestionable. Our writers deliver unique texts with properly formatted citations. We don’t provide prewritten samples. Besides, you may ask for a free plagiarism report so that you could be 100% confident about the uniqueness of your paper. When we offer essay help, you can be sure of its quality.

  • Free revisions

This service is aimed at making every sample perfect. You may request a revision within 14 days for essays and within 30 days for longer texts (dissertation, coursework, etc.). However, we may decline your request if you try to demand changes in initial order details. Our writers may only do small adjustments. 

  • Special discounts

Superior Papers has a great discount system that will pleasantly surprise any customer. Firstly, we have a 20% discount for the first order. Secondly, we have two types of membership for existing customers: Ruby and Diamond. Ruby members get a 10% discount for every paper, and Diamond members get 15%.

  • Qualified writers

We hire well-prepared professionals with vast writing experience. All of them have academic degrees and an impressive knowledge base on several subjects. When you apply for essay writing help, our system picks the best match for your order among our experts. You don’t have to waste your time looking for the right man for a job.

  • 100% confidentiality

Our website is well protected from informational leaks. Your privacy is our top priority. We need your contact information when you place an order. But you can feel safe: we won’t use it in any other way but to contact you in case of any issues.

Please, be careful while choosing your essay helper. You can stumble upon suspicious websites that will offer extremely cheap essay samples. You should remember that writing a good and unique text requires academic experience, advanced skills, and what’s the most important - time. Anyone with this level of expertise and self-respect won’t work for pennies. That’s why cheap samples are most likely to be poorly written or even plagiarized. Choose wisely when you get essay help online!

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Who provides help with essay writing at SuperiorPapers

Before ordering your essay sample from us, you should probably learn more about your potential essay helpers - our team of writers. At the moment, we have several hundreds of experts. They provide assistance to the students from all the corners of our planet.

We hire only professionals with extensive experience in academic writing. All the candidates have to prove their knowledge of a few subjects, English proficiency, and their knowledge of the most common academic writing styles: MLA, APA, Chicago, and Harvard.

Our managers also give each applicant a test order to check their writing skills, punctuality, and how attentive they are.

When you place your order at SuperiorPapers, you don’t have to waste your time trying to pick the best man for a job. Our algorithm chooses your personal essay helper according to your requirements in an automatic manner.

And the writer starts working on your essay. Firstly, he conducts research, then makes the first draft, and finally, provides a well-structured 100% original essay sample. After that, you may download your paper. Our service has reasonable prices, so our experts are well-paid. That’s why they have a great motivation to do their best every time!

How to get essay writing help from our service?

We think that the benefits mentioned above were enough to draw your attention. If you need help with essay writing, let’s get into the details of the ordering process. There are four stages that lead up to a well-structured and perfectly polished sample:

  1. Filling the ordering form

The first step to get your perfect essay is to place an order. Add as much detail as possible. In this way, it’ll be easier for our writer to deliver a top-notch sample. Specify a topic, genre, number of pages, and sources if you have them. If your prof has any special requirements, please, also fill them in.

  1. Working with a writer

You don’t have to look for your essay helper on our website as our algorithm will pick the best expert for you according to your instructions. You’ll be able to communicate with the writer in case he or she will have any questions or suggestions about your order.

  1. Checking the quality

We have a dedicated team that is responsible for the quality of all the samples. Before delivering an essay, they always check it thoroughly to make sure that everything is okay. Team members are experienced supervisors so you can remain calm.

  1. Delivering a sample

Finally, we send a paper to your inbox. If you have any additional suggestions, you may request a revision within 14 days due to our Revision Policy. Whenever you need help with essay writing, apply to Superior Papers, and you’ll get academic assistance of the highest level.

What types of essays you may order

If you’ve mastered one type of essay, it doesn’t mean that you’re good at all of them. Academic essays are various and difficult to compose. Each of them has its own structure, logic, and purpose. When you buy custom essays online, make sure that the service can provide you with the necessary type of essay. Here are some of them that we can write for you:

Argumentative essay

This essay type is aimed at proving your point of view. You provide some kind of statement and then add three or more arguments to strengthen your claim. You shouldn’t rely on your own opinion exclusively but include quotes from authoritative sources.

Analytical essay

In the analytical essay, you should pick a softer, more neutral tone. Your goal isn’t to prove your point of view (although you may include it), but to analyze a certain book, event, painting, movie, etc. This type of essay is popular not only in academic writing but also in journalism.

Cause and effect essay

That’s the most interesting type of essay. It’s always exciting to find out why some events or phenomena took place and what consequences they had. Cause and effect essays allow us to look into the root of the problem and find out what’s behind it.

Compare and contrast essay

Comparing two objects, events, people, paintings, or movies helps us to look at them from a different angle. Everything is relative. In this type of essay, firstly, you describe similarities and then move on to the differences. If you consider this type of essay difficult to write, apply to the essay writing help website.

Narrative essay

A narrative essay is a short story with dialogues, heroes, anecdotes, etc. It has an introduction, the main part, and an ending. Narrative essays can present both imaginary and realistic stories. Writing them is a great practice for future writers and journalists.

Descriptive essay

The main purpose of a descriptive essay is to help readers imagine a person, object, experience, or emotion that you’re describing. This kind of essay doesn’t include your personal opinion, only the description of your feelings. When you describe something, don’t forget to mention all five senses: sight, smell, touch, hearing, and taste.

Reflective essay

Reflective essays are built around the writer’s personal experience and how this experience has influenced the author. This type of essay resembles a chapter from a personal diary, but you have to remember that the readers need some context to understand the text. The reflective essay is a great way to recall life events and explore their effect on you.

Process essay

This essay explains some kind of process. The main goal is to provide guidance and direction for a reader. It usually includes a statement of a goal and steps to achieve this goal. Process essays can be written on any topic: cake recipe, car repairs, PowerPoint presentation, etc.

As you can see, there is a vast variety of essay types. To deal with any of them, ask for essay writing help online from our experienced employees.

Superior Papers – your perfect essay writing help website

We get help with numerous things and tasks regularly. We pay hairdressers, plumbers, chefs, doctors, and many other specialists for their work. It’s okay to not be qualified for every single work or not to have enough energy to complete all your assignments.

The same applies to homework. Studying in college or university can be tough sometimes. Students have to deal with an endless flow of essays, reviews, tests, and other academic assignments every day. And don’t forget that many students also have to split their time and energy between lectures, work, and family.

Getting tired is completely normal at this rate. You need breaks from time to time to restore your life balance and accumulate the necessary energy for further actions. Spending time with your family, hanging out with friends, or simply enjoying your favorite movie on your own is a perfect way to get you back on track.

Unfortunately, academic requirements won’t wait till you have some rest. And that’s the right moment to get essay help online. Just apply to Superior Papers, and our writers will handle any writing problem for you!

We have ten years of experience in the academic writing niche. Our experts have delivered thousands of original samples on various subjects: literature, history, economy, philosophy, geography, etc. During the hiring process, we make sure that all the candidates have an academic degree – MA or Ph.D. That’s why they provide high-quality texts for those who need essay help.