Global Warming Thesis Statement Suggestions With Topics

Mike Mayer
Mike Mayer
January 24, 2021

Scientists have long warned us about the effects of global warming. We must learn how to properly react to it. Our ecosystem is in danger and we need to become more aware of what is happening around us. This issue interests us all.

Lately, the global warming concern has been discussed even more. Professors are now assigning essays on this topic. Students are becoming aware of the problems at hand and write global warming thesis. More and more papers on this subject are being written. If you’re looking to expand your knowledge in this area, our company’s got your back. Here are over 60 topics of interest to you. You might be able to write your own climate change thesis statement when you’re done.

List of global warming topics:

  1. Is the NRDC responsible for managing global warming and if so, how do they handle it?
  2. How does climate change affect businesses across the world?
  3. What are the most important world reports on global warming?
  4. How has climate change influenced human behavior?
  5. Is global warming an exaggerated myth?
  6. How can we change the use of fossil fuels and bring new eco-friendly solutions for countries in need?
  7. Are floods threatening our globe and if so, what would be the damages?
  8. What are the worst damages created by global warming?
  9. Are humans actively contributing to global warming and if so, how much?
  10. Does ethnicity interact with someone’s stand on climate change?
  11. Should we use more carbon and if no, what do we replace it with?
  12. Has the insurance industry helped global warming in any way?
  13. What is the protein footprint count? Could a vegetarian diet help our planet?
  14. What is global cooling and how does it relate to climate change?
  15. Are some states not interested in promoting climate change policies?
  16. Are some countries not willing to promote global warming policies?
  17. Does politics have anything to do with climate change?
  18. How can politicians stop global warming?
  19. Do international treaties have any effect on climate change policies?
  20. Can politics stabilize climate change?
  21. Could politics create global warming?
  22. What are authorities doing to prevent climate change?
  23. What role does politics play in climate change policies?
  24. What do authorities not do to stop climate change?
  25. Does global warming have any effect on flora and fauna?
  26. Can global warming influence our food?
  27. What is the effect of climate change on plants?
  28. How can we protect animals from global warming?
  29. How does global warming affect animals?
  30. Can global warming be damaging to our health?
  31. Is there any relationship between global warming and animal extinction?
  32. Does global warming have any influence in population shift?
  33. Are humans provoking global warming and what can we do to change this?
  34. Did the Greenland ice sheet shrink because of global warming?
  35. What are the effects of global warming on coral reefs deaths?
  36. Is global warming a natural phenomenon or should we be scared of it?
  37. How does climate change affect the ecosystem?
  38. What is Al Gore’s documentary’s main theme and how does it relate to climate change?
  39. What is your attitude on Summary for Policymakers from IPCC 2014?
  40. Are the negative effects of global warming mostly seen in Florida?
  41. Is the sea level rising?
  42. What is the difference between natural and anthropogenic climate change?
  43. Why do some countries ignore global warming and how can we change that?
  44. What is the link between urbanization and global warming?
  45. How does the greenhouse effect affect our planet?
  46. How can we reduce greenhouse gas emissions?
  47. How can greenhouse gasses be absorbed into the Earth’s surface?
  48. How can we reduce the concentration of carbon in our atmosphere?
  49. What are the pros and cons of the greenhouse effect?
  50. Why are Canada’s greenhouse emissions growing?
  51. How can humans cause global warming through greenhouse emissions?
  52. What is ozone depletion and how does it relate to the greenhouse effect?
  53. Criticize David Attenborough’s video on global warming.
  54. Discuss Bill McKibben’s article on global warming.
  55. How does soil type interfere with tree species and climate models?
  56. Are national security and climate change linked?
  57. How does chemical engineering influence climate change?
  58. Why are indigenous people more exposed to climate change?
  59. Are polar bears dying because of global warming?
  60. How could we have stopped global warming before it happened?
  61. Why is global warming such an important topic?
  62. What is the compelling evidence for and against global warming?

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