50 Original Ecology Writing Topics

Mike Mayer
Mike Mayer
February 17, 2021

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When it comes to writing research topics, we know that students don’t find it easy to search for topics. This is why this article lists several topics that you can choose from if you are writing an assignment in ecology.

Topics in ecology are usually difficult to come about, so students will find this list extremely useful. If you do not have a topic first, you can’t have a research paper. We want to see you do well with your assignments. So while you can hire essay writers from SuperiorPapers, we know that you can also give it a try for yourself, so we are helping you with some ecology topics you can write on.

Ecology essay topics on humans

  1. Major characteristics of psychological ecology
  2. Consequences of overconsumption for ecology
  3. Chinese megacities and ecology: are the people safe?
  4. Social ecology and its classroom regulation
  5. The origin, purposes, and methods of media ecology
  6. A restaurant business that is ecologically friendly
  7. Define agrarianism and explain the basic principles behind this philosophy?
  8. How fast food causes environmental issues?
  9. Are we above the world's ecology or part of it?
  10. How to make our house more sustainable?

Marine ecology research topics

  1. The environmental policy of the US towards marine ecology
  2. How environmentalist can preserve sea turtles
  3. Conservation ecology and how it can benefit marine life
  4. Australia's Barrier Reef and its environmental problems
  5. The Atlantic salmon and its ecology
  6. Types and formations of reefs
  7. How dead zones form in the Seas?
  8. What are “black smokers.” discuss their importance to marine life?

Aquatic ecology essay topics

  1. Define eutrophication and analyze the leading causes.
  2. Water consumption habits and their importance to ecology
  3. Stream ecology studies what?
  4. What is the hydrologic cycle? Prove the importance of hydrologic cycle to the ecosystem.
  5. An ecological phenomenon of salt marshes
  6. The difficulties and effects of water ecology in the Caribbean
  7. Stream diversity and morphology.
  8. Define “estuary ecology.”
  9. Aquatic ecology and macroinvertebrates sampling

Argumentative topics on ecology

  1. Is ecology an individual responsibility or the government’s?
  2. Can nonrenewable energy sources be abolished completely?
  3. Should schools teach environmentally friendly behaviors?
  4. Can volunteer organizations prevent ecological catastrophe?
  5. Is consumerism the biggest ecological problem?
  6. Is the Deep ecological movement a religion?
  7. Should vacant ecological niches be artificially filled?
  8. Does the News cover ecological problems enough?
  9. What biochemical interactions between animals and plants are the most significant?
  10. Is it true that humans can cause irreversible damage to the earth?

Analytical ecology essay paper topics

  1. Social ecology: origin and application.
  2. The production and metabolism of microbes in the sea.
  3. Discuss the major elements of gastric microbiota.
  4. The evolution and ecology of magneto tactic bacteria.
  5. African savanna and its ecological problems.
  6. The ecological role of natural green effects
  7. Sustainable agroecology within the temperate ecosystems
  8. Changes in polar bear ecology in the previous 50 years
  9. The problems of species that are non-indigenous in Australia
  10. How teachers can improve their students' ecological thinking.
  11. How the environment deals with toxins
  12. Indirect and direct values of biodiversity
  13.  Sources of air pollution
  14. Strategies to market products that are environmentally friendly
  15. Measurement and comparison of richness of species within the community ecology
  16. Describe the principles of population ecology with the Siberian tiger as an example
  17. Technologies to treat hazardous waste products
  18. Why are many countries ignoring critical environmental problems?

Essay paper topics on definitions in ecology

  1. Define “conservation biology” and explain the primary purpose of the discipline
  2. Explain the principle known as "the common's tragedy." Discuss ways to deal with overconsumption
  3. Define “biome.” Discuss the earth's seven biomes.
  4. Define “biodiversity.” Why is it important in the environment?
  5. Define “mutualism” and discuss its various types
  6. Define “factorial ecology.” What is the main tool of factorial ecology?
  7. Define “Columbian exchange.” Explain its relationship and relevance to ecology
  8. Define sustainable manufacturing. Discuss the basic principles guiding sustainable manufacturing
  9. Define ecological footprint and discuss how to measure it.
  10. Explain the strategy of preventive engineering and its importance for the industrial ecology
  11. Define eco-efficiency. Is zero-waste life possible in today’s world?
  12. Explain extinction debts and the mechanisms causing Extinction debt?
  13. Green roofs and their importance in reducing ecological footprints?
  14. Define the competitive exclusion principle?
  15. Metapopulation and how it can be applied to conservation ecology

Causes and effects ecology research topics

  1. Does global warming lead to species migration?
  2. Mosquito eradication and its probable negative consequences on our environment
  3. The impact of overharvesting and how it affects the environment
  4. Climate change: how it affects Tundra
  5. How human activities lead to imbalance in the biogeochemical cycle?
  6. Climate change and its consequences
  7. Elevated atmospheric CO2 and its negative impact on plants

Compare and contrast ecology research topics

  1. Contrast and compare equilibrium and opportunistic populations.
  2. Contrast and compare the nitrogen cycle and the phosphorus cycles (producers, consumers, and composers).
  3. Contrast and compare the three classes of symbiotic relationships.
  4. Contrast and compare the basic principles of the deep ecology movement and reformist environmentalism.
  5. What is a terrestrial ecosystem? Compare and contrast two terrestrial ecosystems.
  6. Contrast and compare the benthic, limnetic, and littoral zones of the lake.
  7. Contrast and compare a sustainable and unsustainable society.

Already you have more than 15 topics on ecology that you can write on. This should be an excellent place to start from. There are reliable sources to do your works with but never forget that you can always reach out to writers at SuperiorPaper if you need to hire anyone to write your assignment or project.