Exciting List of History Research Paper Topics

Elsa Cross
Elsa Cross
April 15, 2021

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European history research paper topics

  1. Critical analysis of the effect of European colonization on indigenous Americans
  2. A review of the art patronage system of renaissance Italy
  3. Rise and fall of Napoleon: possible lessons for the modern political leader
  4. A review of European colonization vis a vis human rights abuses
  5. An examination of the effect of European colonization on European economy
  6. European colonization and the impact on racism
  7. A comparative study of the impact of Bismarck and Hitler on Germany: a focus on leadership style and problem solving approach
  8. World War 1 and how it led to the rise of hitler
  9. Investigating the causes of Soviet Union breakup
  10. The inevitability of the Soviet Union breakup: true or false

Civil War research paper topics

  1. Slave trade and the American Civil War: a nexus
  2. The American Civil War. inevitable or not?
  3. Critical examination of the American Civil War and impact on the world
  4. A review of the causes of the American Civil War: does the present American society reflect any lessons learned?
  5. Is American still divided on the lines of Civil War
  6. Technology and the American Civil War
  7. Analysis of British neutrality in the American Civil War
  8. An evaluation of American women and Civil War efforts
  9. The Spanish civil: causes and effects
  10. Foreign nations and the Spanish Civil War
  11. Syrian Civil War: role of the United States and Russia
  12. An analysis of the causes of the Syrian Civil War
  13. Impact of the Syrian Civil War on Syrians
  14. A critical examination of human rights abuses in the Syrian Civil War
  15. Influence of Arab spring on the Syrian Civil War
  16. Effect of the American Civil War: the infrastructural and political transformation of America
  17. A critical comparison of the Afghanistan war and the Vietnamese war
  18. Taliban involvement in the Afghanistan Civil War
  19. Conflict in Afghanistan: lessons for the world
  20. Causes of the Afghanistan war
  21. The United States and the Nigerian Civil War
  22. Role of France in the Nigerian Civil War
  23. Role of the United Kingdom in the Nigerian Civil War
  24. Analysis of Russian support to Nigerian in the Nigerian Civil War
  25. Causes of the 2011 Egyptian revolution
  26. Overview of the links between the Arab spring and the Egyptian revolution
  27. Analysis of the aftermath of the Egyptian revolution
  28. Critical examination of the origin of Arab spring
  29. The Arab nations and the Arab spring: are lessons learnt
  30. Role of foreign nations in the Arab spring uprisings

Asian history research paper topics

  1. Impact of jews in old Chinese economy
  2. An analysis of the israeli palestine conflict
  3. Role of the United States in the israeli palestine conflict
  4. A review of the Chinese tea culture
  5. A comparison of the British tea culture and the Chinese tea culture
  6. An examination of the rise and fall of old imperial Japan
  7. A critical analysis of the decline in Japanese influence in China
  8. An examination of the seemingly anti-islamic nature of the modern Chinese government
  9. A study of the rise of the Chinese economy: lessons for growing nations of the world
  10. A critical examination of Chinese influence in African economy

General history research paper topics

  1. The effect of the industrial revolution and the rise of China
  2. Analysis of the Japanese pearl harbour bombing: the Japanese rational
  3. Impact of hiroshima and nagasaki bombing in Japan
  4. Africa as a commodity: analysis of the partitioning of Africa
  5. Effect of colonization and the economic growth of Africa
  6. Efforts of the United States of America in splintering of the Soviet Union
  7. The growth of technology and World War 2
  8. The evaluation of the trade war between the United States of America and China: causes and consequences
  9. A critical evaluation of the causes of brexit
  10. An analysis of the French revolution and its effect in French politics
  11. French revolution and the rise of Napoleon Bonaparte
  12. The historical criticisms of major religions
  13. Analysis of colonialism on the African culture
  14. The impact of colonialism on the aborigines of Australia
  15. Evaluation of the religious justification for colonialism
  16. A critical analysis of the influence of missionaries in the African colonization
  17. Analysing the German blitzkrieg strategy in World War 2
  18. Critical examination of German attitude to colonization
  19. Analysis of French policy of assimilation and impact on colonial and post colonial Africa
  20. A look into the unification of Germany
  21. Reviewing the unification of Italy
  22. Post World War Germany: rise of Germany as major European power

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