55 best pop culture essay topics: We're like diamonds in the sky

Mike Mayer
Mike Mayer
November 6, 2020

Writing about pop culture can turn out to be complicated for some students. Tasks such as essays or assignments on a given theme might be difficult for students, as they need to choose their own topic. The domain of pop culture is a wide and diverse one and deeply intertwined with our lives. But it is also a topic that can catch the attention of your readers. No matter if you are looking for a topic for your assignment or persuasive essay or just a topic to write about on your blog, expert writers here at SuperiorPapers want to help you.

We have built a list of 55 best pop-culture topics you could write and discuss in your writings. All these topic proposals derive from the experience of professional essay writers at SuperiorPapers who take on challenging tasks and discover more about the topic. At the same time, they deliver exceptional work and support students in their academic pursuits. All these topics can be changed and edited by you however you want. The most important thing is to choose a topic relevant to your essay theme. If you need more information about one of these topics, you can order a research paper at our site or ask our paper writing service for support. We are more than willing to help and support students with their development and improvement of knowledge and skills.

So, here are 55 of the most interesting pop culture essay topics you could write about in your argumentative essay.

Pop culture and science

It may sound counterintuitive and that these two domains do not have any connection with each other. However, social media, television, and pop culture, in general, is very present in our daily lives. If you take a look at the TV, you will be amazed to find all kinds of series and programs that aim to teach the general public more about science. The topics are diverse: neuroscience, climate science, medicine, physics, astronomy, and many more.

  1. Can the general public learn basic neuroscience knowledge from television programs?
  2. How does pop culture see the future of humanity?
  3. How is pop culture representing science?
  4. Is the perspective of pop culture on science influencing the perception of the general public towards scientists?
  5. Can people learn more about the human mind from the short series Explained on Netflix?
  6. Is social media shaping the public’s perception of the COVID-19 vaccine?
  7. Can social media platforms be used to educate the public regarding science topics?
  8. What can we learn about the use of biotechnology from the movie industry? Take a look at movies such as Ex Machina.
  9. Is pop culture a subject that should be researched further by scientists?
  10. How is pop culture affecting scientists’ perception of science?

Pop culture and social issues

Students that are looking for popular culture essay topics can stop on controversial pop culture topics. Social issues began gaining momentum in the last years, so it is a source of various topics for your essay.

  1. What is the impact of pop culture on children and youth?
  2. What is the perspective of pop culture on the conflict between religions?
  3. Is pop culture influencing the public's perception of terrorist acts?
  4. Can the trends promoted by pop culture affect negatively or positively the intelligence level of a population?
  5. Which is the perspective of pop culture on homosexuality and how is it influencing the public’s opinion on this topic
  6. Does pop culture promote or condemn racial discrimination?
  7. Can pop culture make you more politically apathetic?
  8. Which is the perspective of pop culture on gender discrimination?
  9. Does pop culture have an influence on the moral code of youngsters?
  10. What is the impact social media has on women’s perception of their own bodies?
  11. Is pop culture negatively affecting the mental health of youngsters?
  12. What is the impact of pop culture on people’s career choices?

Pop culture, music, and idols

We all listen to music and for sure you have a favorite band. Public people easily become idols for many youngsters who get inspired by them. So, this would be a good topic to explore in your argumentative essay on a pop culture-related topic.

  1. Why has K-Pop become so popular around the globe?
  2. The evolution of pop music and its impact on other music genres.
  3. Which are the elements that made Gangnam Style so popular?
  4. Can singers serve as good idols for young music enthusiasts?
  5. How does children’s perception of their idols influence their motivation level?
  6. The marketing trends that shape the music industry.

Pop culture in argumentative essays

Depending on the nature of your essay, you should choose a topic that is controversial or widely discussed. The main goal of an argumentative essay is to convince the reader of your point of view, so it is useful to come up with examples, statistics, and facts to support it.

  1. How are girls affected by Disney's portrayal of princesses?
  2. What is the role of pop culture in modern society and its effects on the public’s lifestyle?
  3. Is technology changing pop culture?
  4. What is the impact of pop culture on public health?
  5. In an era where it is so easy to find information, how could you select the most relevant to you?
  6. Are Instagram influencers changing girls’ perspectives on their bodies?
  7. Which is the price someone pays to remain popular?
  8. How is interpersonal communication influenced by the rise of social media?
  9. How cyberbullying is becoming the new normal for youngsters.
  10. The impact of social media on youngsters’ mental health.
  11. Are romantic relationships changed by pop culture trends?
  12. Ways how the entertainment industry is affecting the mental health of people.

Out-of-the-box pop culture topic ideas

  1. What is the influence of manga on children’s development?
  2. Is American pop culture having an influence on the world economy?
  3. How is the American justice system represented in pop culture?
  4. How has McDonald’s shaped the eating behaviors of people around the world?
  5. What are the differences and similarities between Western pop culture and Asian one?
  6. How is pop culture represented in different countries around the globe?
  7. Can pop culture be used in education?
  8. Can the dystopia Handmaid’s tale become reality sometime in the future?
  9. How is pop culture affecting people’s perception of different music genres?
  10. How is pop art revolutionizing the art industry?
  11. Should pop art be considered a form of art?
  12. How has the pop phenomenon of internet memes influenced the communication between people?
  13. Can pop culture be a catalyst for social change?
  14. How is pop culture defining American society?
  15. How are the pop culture phenomena influencing the mental health of people?

What do you think about these pop culture topic suggestions? If you still struggle with finding one right for your task or don’t know where to start writing it, expert writers at SuperiorPapers can help you. Here at SuperiorPapers, we are ready to support you in your academic pursuit anytime.