Elsa Cross

"I believe in the power of knowledge, and teaching has always been my passion. I’m glad to have the opportunity to assist students from all around the world by composing informative articles"

Elsa is a former college professor, but now she mostly focuses on parenting and tutoring her children. However, she still enjoys helping college students with their assignments as a blog writer. She composes helpful articles, and her favorite type of materials are lists of essay topics.

Her teaching career counts more than fifteen years. She majored in history, but her other interests include philosophy, politology, and sociology. She has been a mentor for hundreds of students at Arizona State University while she was working there. For sure, she knows ins and outs of academic writing and has given feedback on thousands of student essays, research papers, and case studies.

At the moment, she is a stay-at-home mom who raises two kids. But Elsa refuses to limit her life to the role of a parent, and that’s why she started her own blog on American history. It’s filled with fascinating materials that will be of interest both to schoolchildren and their parents. Besides, she frequently provides SuperiorPapers blog with excellent articles that help many of our customers.

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