Mike Mayer

"The best way to improve your writing skills is constant practice. I study journalism at the university, and this blog is my way to share useful writing tips and techniques that I discover daily with a large audience"

Mike is a young author who has always known his way with words. When he studied in high school, he won a few essay contests, and his original and strong ideas were highly evaluated by juries. After that, he became an editor of a school paper and held that post till his graduation in 2018.

These extracurricular activities along with a high GPA allowed Mike to enter the University of California where he studies at the moment. He manages to find a balance between lectures and working with blog articles. He is happy to share his knowledge on quality writing with our audience and comes up with amazing texts.

His main goal after graduation is to join one of the national newspapers: The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Los Angeles Times, The Washington Post, etc. The competition among journalists who want to work for these companies is incredible, and that makes Mike’s goal very ambitious. But he is not ready to give up his dreams without trying.

SuperiorPapers is happy to provide a platform that helps a bright young journalist practice and improve his writing skills.

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